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The Team
Meet Netergi team

Itzhak (Shai) Hemli  - CEO

General Manager, technical team leader, identifying technological business opportunities, bringing ideas to fruition from the technical as well as the commercial sides. Proven record in leading the development and field implementation of large scale military operational systems, identifying and completing investment rounds, technology sale and IPO​

Ester Hemli - VP Marketing & sales

Entrepreneur, proven worldwide marketing and sales capabilities. Introducing cutting edge new technologies to the market. Ability to recruit and lead top technical personnel. Positive experience in working with the OCS and SIIRD in the past. Ability to identify potential buyer for technology, negotiating the terms and closing the deal bringing the shareholders high value to their investments​

Daniel Brenner - System engineer

Complete system comprehension, customer requirement definition, customer training & support, hands-on implementation​

Eran Rauchberger - Cloud expert

Back Office implementation expert building on DB and Cloud based solutions. With vast experience to provide the unique integration of the data gathered and saved to different applications each with unique requirements

David Cohen - Real time embedded developer

Real time embedded SW development for specific HW utilized in AMI and IOT system implementations. Unique algorithm methods for self training and self adaptation capabilities in Mesh Networks​​​

Dr. Yossi Shiftan - Algorithm expert

Algorithm expert with academic approach to mathematical behavior as implemented in multi platform mash communication protocols

Leon Marom - System Analyst

More than 30 years of experience in translating end-user ideas and requirement into IT solution definition. Strong statistical background implemented in self adaptive and changing communication methods​